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Our most recent or most requested reports -

  • Copper River Basin Landscape Assessment - AK​                                                            
  • SW Crown of the Continent Landscape Assessment        
  • OK Lesser Prairie Chicken Conservation Plan                      
  • Native Ecosystem Diversity of the Blackfoot Watershed                                                                           
  • Sagebrush Restoration Planning Tool

Additional EMRI staff publications..

  • Biodiversity conservation planning and implementation assistance
  • Ecosystem-diversity and wildlife  assessments
  • GIS analysis and mapping
  • Workshops and training solutions

Our Work

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October 2013

Jon Haufler, EMRI's Executive Director, elected president of The Wildlife Society


Ecosystem-based approaches to ecological sustainability and biodiversity conservation have been adopted by most state and federal agencies and NGO's, yet the experience and resources to support this goal are often lacking.  EMRI can help!

Our Natural Heritage

Our Mission

September 2013

Jon Haufler appointed to SFI's board of directors

Healthy ecosystems and their associated fish and wildlife populations are intrinsically linked to our well-being and our quality of life.  Caring for our environment takes careful planning and commitment to ensure we are protecting all the pieces before they are lost to us forever.


In today's world, native ecosystems and species, are being impacted every day by both our actions and inaction in the face of increasing challenges.  For over 15 years, EMRI has been developing innovative tools and strategies to restore and conserve our native heritage for future generations.