EMRI is committed to advancing ecosystem science as well as developing new tools and methodologies for ecosystem management and biodiversity conservation. The following topics highlight areas of emphasis in EMRI’s research program.

  • Ecological classification to map and describe native ecosystem diversity
  • Historical disturbance
  • Biodiversity conservation strategies
  • Population viability & species assessment
  • Appropriate representation goals for native ecosystem diversity
  • Integrating ecological, economic and social objectives

GIS Analysis/Mapping

EMRI provides planning assistance and technical support to federal, state, or private initiatives that seek to address ecological sustainability and biodiversity conservation objectives at the landscape level. EMRI is recognized as a leader in applying a combined ecosystem diversity and species approach to address multiple resource management objectives. Specifically, EMRI can help plan and implement: ecosystem diversity strategies that focus on classifying, mapping, maintaining, or restoring native ecosystem diversity, including:

  • native ecosystem restoration plans for forests, rangelands, wetlands, and riparian ecological sites,
  • cumulative impact assessments,
  • prioritization of conservation needs,
  • sustainable forestry and ranching practices,
  • species conservation plans,
  • off-site mitigation monitoring and evaluation,
  • habitat-based species viability assessments,
  • performance measures and monitoring, and
  • adaptive management designs .


Training and Workshops

EMRI can provide a wide range of GIS analysis and cartography services. Our combination of extensive natural resource experience coupled with strong GIS skills, and our willingness to tackle new challenges, allows us to tailor products to a variety of project needs.

EMRI offers custom training services or workshops tailored to the topic of your choice. Frequently requested topics include:

  • Ecosystem-based Management: Process and Application
  • Developing Performance Measures for Ecosystem Management
  • Strategies & approaches for the conservation of biological diversity
  • Native ecosystem classification and restoration - concepts and methods
  • Population viability and species assessment

Conservation Planning and Assistance

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