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On-going and Completed Projects

Landscape assessment and planning in south-central Alaska

EMRI has partnered with CRITR to conduct a landscape assessment of native ecosystem diversity to support the development of a 10-year management plan on tribal lands.

Landscape assessment for the Southwest Crown of the Continent
EMRI has partnered with the USFS and the Southwestern Crown Collaborative to conduct a landscape assessment of native ecosystem diversity to support ecological sustainability and biodiversity conservation objectives and to help with the prioritization of future forest management actions. Included in the assessment is an evaluation of how species of concern (fisher, Pileated Woodpecker, Flammulated Owl, Northern Goshawk and Black-backed Woodpecker) have been effected by changes to native ecosystem conditions.

South Dakota Wildlife Action Plan
EMRI provided technical support to South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks in the development of their state-wide wildlife action plan using an ecosystem-diversity approach as the basis for the Plan.

Lesser Prairie Chicken Range-wide Conservation Plan

EMRI provided technical support to WAFWA and developed the first 3 drafts of the LPC Range-wide Conservation Plan.

Evaluating Treatments for Native Grassland Restoration

This project evaluated treatments used in a collaborative grassland restoration program to help meet objectives identified in South Dakota and Nebraska Wildlife Action Plans as well as the Grassland Conservation Plan for Prairie Grouse adopted by AFWA.

Market-based approach for restoring rangelands and critical wildlife habitat in the Sagebrush Biome

A credit metric framework was developed based on ecological site descriptions to serve as a means of tracking and evaluating the health of sagebrush ecosystems and wildlife habitat Prepared for the NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant Program in cooperation with the Leopold Stewardship Fund of the Sand County Foundation (2011).

Native Ecosystem Diversity of the South Dakota Missouri Coteau

Prepared for the SD Department of Game, Fish, and Parks

Applying an ecosystem diversity framework for conservation planning in northern Idaho

Prepared for the Idaho Department of Lands, Couer D'Alene, ID (2009)

Thunder Basin Wyoming ecological assessment of terrestrial ecosystems

Prepared for the Thunder Basin Grassland Prairie Ecosystem Association (2008)

A grassland conservation plan for prairie grouse

Developed in partnership with the North American Prairie Grouse Partnership.

Oklahoma Lesser-Prairie Chicken Conservation Plan

Prepared for Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (2012)

Seeley-Swan Fire Plan 2013 Revision

Update to the 2008 plan.  Prepared for the Seeley-Swan Fuels Mitigation Task Force.

Blackfoot Watershed Fuels Assessment

Regional fire plan prepared for the Blackfoot Challenge (2008).